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Mohinuddin M. is a Master's (Thesis) student in Social Work at Jagannath University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He graduated from Jagannath University in fourth place, with a CGPA of 3.55 on a scale of 4. He completed HSC with a GPA of 4.08 on a scale of 5 and SSC with a GPA of 4.75 on a scale of 5 from the renowned school and college in Laksham. He was also given a Board Scholarship for his SSC result. He has prior experience in Freelance Writing, Research, Counselling, and Marketing. Currently, he is working as an Apprentice Social Worker at Dhaka National Medical Institue Hospital (DNMIH) under the department of Hospital Social Service. In addition, he is serving as Project Manager in BDian (an online-based research learning organization)

"He is always trying to understand and recognize the specific proximity and its shortcomings; analyze a problem using a multidisciplinary approach and its beneficial or better solution. His ultimate goal is to provide social welfare services, particularly to backward, vulnerable, exploited, distressed, and socially isolated groups, in order for them to keep up with societal trends through adaptation and social adjustment techniques. He also believes that if there is an equal opportunity and good governance, there will be no discrimination or complexity in society."


He has recently completed a Research Project under BLAST Safespace fellowship 2020 and worked as a Research Assistant in a Ph.D. Research Project. He is good at Social Media Marketing, for which he was awarded 'Best Organiser.' He also held leadership positions in several organizations, including YSRA, SWDC, and JnUSWALAM. In addition, he has worked as an Apprentice Social Worker in the Hospital Social Service Program at BIRDEM. Furthermore, he also worked as a Freelance Writer in the Hons section for two years in  Lecture Publications Ltd.


Mr. Mahin also actively participated in the BLAST PRiTIE Project, a year-long program, learned about SRHR, Human Rights, and Mental Health, and completed a research fellowship. He is more aware of his life and career. As a result, he began enrolling in various online courses via LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Coursera, Muktopaath, BYLCx, Bohubrihi, and 10minuteschool. He also participated in research courses and training provided by YSRA, DISC International, DUSS, LWM, TENhub, MBSTU Science Club, Bangladesh Scholarship Squad, and others.

In terms of Professional Skills, he is an expert in using Microsoft Office and Google Suites. He is also savvy regarding Facebook marketing, blogging, and SPSS, NVIVO, Zotero, and MendeleyHe possesses enviable expertise in preparing reports, assignments, presentations, data collection, desk studies, and data analysis. His primary interests are public health, environmental justice, community social services, and human rights. Furthermore, he possesses exceptional interpersonal skills, including emotional intelligence, communication, coordination, leadership, teamwork, optimism, adjustment, critical thinking, problem-solving, counselling, and motivation.

Mr. Mahin believes in that 'No matter! How better other things' may seem, they all have their faults.'  We must simply move forward in our own ways, forgetting the past, accepting the present, and hoping for the best in the future.


Clarification of Author's Name

Md. Mohiuddin (মো: মহিউদ্দিন): (محي الدين) is the Arabic origin. It means 'Reviver of the Faith.'  Mohin (মহিন): (मोहिन) is the Indian or Hindi Language origin. It means 'Attractive or Fascinating.' Maahin (মাহিন) : (ماحن) is the Arabic origin. It is one of many names of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), meaning 'Eliminator (of Evils).' There's no such name as 'Mohinuddin (মো: মহিনউদ্দিন)' in Arabic or other languages.